Collaborated Artists

Gulden Cokdeger Gener

Gulden Cokdeger Gener was born in 1961 in Izmir. After her graduation from A.U Faculty of Dentistry, she opened up her own clinic in 1987 in Alsancak, Izmir.

Her strong interest in art directed her to attend painting, tile, jewellery, marbling and miniature art classes. She attended watercolor paint class in Izfas Painting Course for a year, oil painting class in Betul Guney Art Studio for 3 years, tile art class in Esra Erkan Tile Studio for 3 years and finally jewellery class in Cumhuriyet Girls’ Technical and Vocational High School for a long time.

Gener carried on her miniature art works in Suna Deveci Art Studio starting from 2000 till 2003 and then she worked on pattern making in Painting Sculpture Museum between 2013 and 2015.

Since 2016, she focuses working on miniature art in Arya Kamali Miniature Art Studio.

Gulden Cokdeger Gener both practices her profession and attends various group exhibitions.



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