The inspiration of Funeral of Love collection comes from the notion of Love, attractiveness and darkness of inaccessible. The collection describing contradiction of love and death, consists of all red.

‘’Is it the lack of appreciation which blocks the right match in Love? Or is it the lack of passion we can consider the murderer of Love?’’ and ‘’Are we in love with our dream people as we cannot see and understand the reality?’’ are some of the questions Basak Cankes searches answers for as she describes fashion as a psychological relief. As the pain finds its way in fabric and materialized, a magic occurs is what she explains.

All of this collection is composed of two different forms from each collection she created and designed in the past. Love is expressed in the beauty of the lack of harmony, as two souls get together is what she reflects on each piece she created.

‘’We might have witnessed people like iceberg in our lives that never dissolve. Because if they do, they might lose their depth. We understand the value of those we most often forget to appreciate with the lessons we learn from the others.’’



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