Collaborated Artists

Firat Neziroglu


Firat Neziroglu, was born in İzmir…

He hasn’t noticed at that point, but sea was weaved into him.

First he studied at schools… Danced… Weaved and weaved!…

Then he started working by unravelling himself, his aim was to recognize himself and the world by dancing, weaving and making some touches!

His cloth collections were exhibited in London, İstanbul, Munich, Paris, his art objects were exhibited in Incheon, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Kitakyushu, Shangai, Tenjin, Chonburi, New Delhi, Venice, Buenos Aires, Como, Roma, Maniago, Singapur, Marrakech, Dubai, Oslo, Mexico City, Paris, Abu Dhabi.

He was invited to Oslo under the auspices of Norway Royal Embassy and to Thailand for birthday celebrations of the Queen of Thailand in order to weave a special cloth to her. And he always continues to weave in his workshop; for national and international contests, for fashion designers, for noticing his own split!

Nowadays he is exhibiting weaving performances accompanied by music on stage which is projected for the very first time in Turkey.

From the day he met with yoga he thinks upon human, feeling, body and mind, he makes practices and shares the moment with his friends…

He realises his dreams on stage with ModernDansLAB; ensemble of classical ballet-modern dance…

And still;





and a weaver, while weaving all of these to each other…



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