“How would you heal the disappointment of your childhood dream?

This collection is about bringing peace to the disappointment of my childhood dream of willing to be a ballerina.

Apollon, the God of art lives at Helikon Mountain with the Muses as the daughters of Zeus. The word museum originates from the French word Muses. The Muses symbolize the inspirational beings from mythology.

Ballerinas wear a shoe called ‘point’ in order to stand on their toes and stand taller. Just like a ballerina standing taller on her two toes, my dream is also based on two important memories from my childhood.

The first one being my mother holding my hand to take me to the first museum I ever visited in my life where; with the first Muse; I have been introduced to the tiles art and Apollon…

The second one is the day my mother registered me to the conservatory ballet course which I had wonderful dreams about… Until the day my heart was broken…

Although my dreams of becoming a ballerina did not come true; I continued to stand on my toes. In every country I have been to, the first visits have always been to the museums. Among all of the paintings I loved looking at; it was always Edgar Degas’ works
I fell in love with. It was as if he knew me and my love of ballet very well, as he always seemed to draw the ballerina of my dreams.

The ceramic and the tile artists create their artwork and design them with colors and bake them in the oven; then glaze them for the transparency after drying and put them in the oven again.

This collection combines all the following inspirations; my childhood dream of becoming a ballerina, my inspirations from the paintings of Edgar Degas and the creations of the tile artists from Kutahya.
And takes me to the traces of my hidden dream through the glazes and rises me over my toes again.”

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