Collaborated Artists

Arya Kamali

Arya Kamali was born in 1965. He grew up in a family that is very familiar with art. Therefore, he had taken his first miniature education from his father and brother at his very young ages. He experienced his first exhibition and contest when he was in 5th grade. After this experience, miniature art became an inseparable part of his life and he carried on his education in this field.

Kamali moved Izmir in 1986. He studied Food Engineering at Ege University, Faculty of Engineering. He kept focusing on miniature art and experienced working with different materials, objects and surfaces. These works were not consisting of only miniature technique. Observing the approach of people towards art, artist, argument, interests and expectations made a big contribution to his point of view.

He guided students from different colleges and universities with their thesis, projects, researches and training courses throughout the years. Since Ankara International Art and Handicrafts Fair that took place in 1995, he attended various exhibitions, fairs and events. His home city became an inspiration for what he has created for 30 years. He always tried to reflect colors and textures of Izmir in his work.



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